13 battery management apps that extend Samsung Galaxy S24,S24+,S24 Ultra battery life

Battery is one of the important parts of a smartphone that lets you power it on and use the smartphone. Nowadays every Android user’s smartphone has a battery problem. But if you are using a Samsung smartphone, then you do not have to worry because Samsung provides a lot of options and apps for battery management and saving.

Usually, apps drain the battery but Samsung offers some apps that help you to manage battery consumption and heat of your devices. There are three battery management apps of Galaxy Good Guardian that let you manage the battery and temperature of the devices.

Samsung Galaxy S24,S24+,S24 Ultra Battery Management Apps

Battery Tracker 

Through this app, you can check a list of apps with high usage for a week, and you can check apps that cause heat among background apps.

How to use it?

You can see which apps used the most battery by the hour for a week or 24 hours. Open Good Guardians >> tap on Battery Tracker >> Check 24-hour log / 1-week

Battery Guardian 

Through this app, you can increase battery usage time through app power saving, screen power saving, battery power saving, and optimization of settings to effectively in reducing heat generation.

Apps that consume abnormal power will automatically save power and set a time not to use the screen while sleeping to save power. You can also set dark mode settings, screen refresh rate, brightness, and more to extend battery life.

App Sleep:

– Quickly detects battery-intensive apps and automatically adds them as power-saving apps.

Screen Sleep

– Apps that will use auto brightness dimming: The screen dims instantly when the device is not in use, effectively saving battery.

– Apps to use normal screen refresh rates: You can select apps to apply normal screen refresh rates.

Data network power saving

– You can select apps that will not use the 5G network when data usage is low.

Sleep during sleeping

– Automatically turn off unnecessary functions and apply power-saving mode during sleep.

Maximize battery Usage time

– The settings that affect the battery can be gathered and displayed and can be optimized at once.

– Applicable settings are displayed according to the device type and default settings.

How to use it?

Open the Good Guardians app >> Click on the  Battery Guardian >> Now, you can customize App sleep, Screen sleep, Data network sleep, Sleep while sleeping, and  Extend battery usage time.

Samsung Battery management apps

Galaxy Thermal Guardian

You can improve heat output by directly setting the temperature reference value of your Galaxy device. It improves the heat of the system with additional settings that give you more control over the heat conditions.

How to use it?

Visit Good Guardian > press Thermal Guardian option > Set Temperature Baseline / Other Settings.

Note: Good Guardians Apps are only compatible with Galaxy devices running One UI 6.1 or higher and its availability limited to certain regions.

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