Download & Install Stock Rom/Firmware on Galaxy Z Fold4 / Flip4

Are you looking for the easiest method to boot your Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 / Flip4 device into Safe Mode? Then, you have come across the correct place, as we covered the step-by-step instructions to access the safe mode without any hassle

Steps to Enter Safe Mode on Galaxy Z Fold4 / Flip4

As the name suggested, this mode is used to safely boot your phone with only the system app. Here are the instructions to access this mode with no further delay.
  1. Power off your Galaxy Z Fold4 / Flip4 completely.
  2. Once it’s switched off, press and hold the “Power” button to turn it back on.
  3. When the Samsung logo appears, release the Power button and immediately press and hold the “Volume Down” key.
  4. Keep holding “Volume Down” until you see the lock screen, this may take 10–15 seconds.
“Safe Mode” will now display in the bottom left to indicate you’re in safe mode.
With this, your Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 / Flip4 will easily boot into the safe mode. Now, you can easily check the system without any hassle.
On the other hand, if you are looking for a way to retrieve the standard configuration, then consider checking out the next part.

How to Exit Safe Mode on Galaxy Z Fold4 / Flip4?

In this section, we will cover the complete steps from which you can easily leave on the Safe Mode with ease. So, without any hesitation, let’s dive into the process.

Press and Hold the “Volume Down + Power” button for a couple of seconds.
Following this, tap on the “Restart” button that appears on the screen.

With this, the device will boot up normally and safe mode will be deactivated.
Once you have restarted the phone, you won’t face any problems using pre-install and third-party apps.

What is the use of the Safe Mode?

The Safe Mode is a diagnostic mode for the Android phone, which will disable the Play Store and other third-party apps, except for the system app.
Through this mode, it’s possible to easily track and solve device issues. Once you are done with the diagnosis, boot the phone into normal mode to leisurely enjoy your favorite apps without any errors.


We hope that you have understood the whole process to enter the safe mode on the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 / Flip4 from the above guide. Meanwhile, if you are looking for other usages, make sure to visit our other post.

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