How to Fix Open Black Screen Issues on Android Smartphones ?

The majority of users purchased the newly released smartphone, the Android is Open to experience its software and other features. Unfortunately, this device isn’t perfect like other smartphones that encounter issues and technical glitches. Many users stated that they ca unable access their Smartphones Open due to a black screen death problem. If you’re one of them and having the black screen issue, don’t worry, you’re not alone. In this guide, we will provide effective workarounds that will help you to address the black screen problem. Let’s get into it.

How Does Black Screen Occur?

It could be frustrating when you’ve purchased the phone by spending high revenue and then you start to experience certain issues with its software and hardware components. If you’re encountering black screen issue, it could be due to several reasons. However, the phone’s screen appears black or blank, although you can hear sound, or the phone gets vibrate by pressing the power button.

When you encounter black screen issues, your phone gets notifications and calls, but users cannot interact with it. Generally, this black screen problem is caused by several reasons including loose LCD connectors, a damaged battery, hardware malfunctions, incompatible applications, water damage, overheating issues, and more. Therefore, these were some of the primary reasons why black screen issues occur on phones.

Ways to Fix Android Devices Black Screen Issue

If you’re encountering black screen issue on your device, don’t brood. You can easily tackle the issue by applying the solutions we have listed in this guide. In case there’s an issue with the hardware or physical damages, you should reach out to a technician to repair the hardware problem as soon as possible.

1. Restart Your Device

If your encounters a black screen of death issue, then it can be due to software issues and technical glitches. In such a case, the best way to address the issue is to restart you phone. It’s an effective method that will help you back to operate your device again.

Restarting the device is a powerful method that resolves temporary bugs and glitches. It makes the device much faster when you encounter any lags or shutter. This method is mainly useful when your device is stuck on a logo screen, application, black screen, etc. Here are the two methods to restart the phone:

Method 1: Soft Reset Your Phone

  1. Press and hold the Power button until you see the “Power off” option on the screen.
  2. Tap the “Power off” option to shut down your device.
  3. Then, press and hold the Power button to turn the device back on.

Method 2: Force Reboot Your Phone

  1. Press and hold the Power button for 10 seconds.
  2. Release the power button once the logo appears on the screen. This will restart your phone.

2. Charge Your Phone

Probably, there might be a chance that the phone isn’t responding or showing the black screen due to insufficient charge. If the battery is completely drained on your phone, the screen may appear black even when the device is turned on. Make sure to charge your phone for at least 30 minutes before turning the device back. Ensure to use the official charging adapter and cable while charging your device with the correct power outlet.

Once you charge your phone for about 30 minutes, press and hold the power button to check if the device is turning on. In case the issue persists, follow the next solution

3. Re-calibrate Your Phone Battery

If your phone has enough battery charge and still you’re unable to solve the black screen issue, you should re-calibrate your phone battery to see if it’s working. It is a simple trick you can attempt to fix the issue you’re encountering on your phone. To re-calibrate the battery, simply drain the phone battery completely and then charge it again to 100% by leaving the device idle for 2~3 hours. Afterwards, press and hold the power button to check if the device is turning on. If the issue persists, follow the next solution.

4. Charge Your Phone Using Different Charger

You can also try charging your phone using a different charger. In certain situations, the device isn’t turning on and showing a black screen issue due to insufficient charge and the charger you’re using might be faulty. In that case, you need to check your charger you’re using for any damages or cuts. Plus, you can try using a different power adapter and cable to check if it’s working for you. If the issue persists, follow the next solution.

5. Check for Physical Damage & Liquid

If you have tried the above solutions, you should check for liquid or physical damage on your phone. Both the physical and liquid damage can cause issues that include black screen problems. It could be possible that due to water damage or fall might have affected the display apart from other hardware components. However, you can check out the liquid damage indicator (LDI) for water damage which will turn the screen into pink or purple depending upon interacting with the water.

Make sure to check for traces of water if there’s liquid damage on the device. But if there’s physical damage, ensure to check out the display whether it is broken or not. For such cases, you’ll need to report the issue to a nearby authorized service center to get the display repaired or replaced.

6. Remove the Problematic App

Occasionally, the third-party services might be the reason behind such a situation that causes the device not to function correctly. In such a case, you’ll need to identify the third-party services or apps, preventing the device from functioning properly. If you are facing black screen issue on your phone, then it could be due to a problematic app running in the background.

To solve the black screen issue, ensure to uninstall the problematic app or services you have previously installed. Alternatively, you can boot your device into safe mode to find the third-party apps that are causing the black screen issue. Once you found it, then uninstall it from your device and then check if the issue has been resolved. If the issue persists, follow the next solution.

7. Check for Software Updates

Occasionally, updating the device software to the latest version brings unexpected software issues and technical glitches on the device. If you have recently updated the phone to the latest version and then you start to encounter black screen issues, then software issues might be the reason. As mentioned earlier, the software issues and glitches can cause numerous issues including black screen. Therefore, if you’re encountering black screen issue, try searching for new software updates and download it to solve the problem.

Sometimes, the black screen occurs for a moment and there’s a chance to update the software version to the most recent one in order to address the black screen issue on your phone. Updating the software version brings several improvements that will help by providing a smooth experience on your device. Make sure to update your software to the latest version.

To check for the software update on your phone, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Settings app.
  2. Scroll down and tap on System.
  3. In the System menu, tap on System updates.
  4. Here, your device will automatically search for new updates.
  5. Download and install the updates by following the screen instructions.
  6. Once the download is finished, you should restart your phone to apply the changes.

8. Perform a Factory Reset

Unfortunately, if other methods don’t work for you, you should perform a factory reset that will probably help you to get the phone back on track. Factory reset is a powerful method that resolves temporary bugs and software issues permanently by removing it from your device. If you’re encountering the black screen without any hardware issues, consider resetting your phone to the factory default state.

Before you proceed with it, it is essential to take a complete backup of your data which includes media like pictures, videos, music, documents, and other data. As the factory reset process will completely erase all your phone data permanently, therefore it must be necessary to take the data backup. You can reset your phone by following any of the methods listed below:

Method 1: Factory Reset Using Settings

  1. Open the Settings app.
  2. Scroll down and tap on Additional Settings.
  3. Next, tap on the Back up and reset option.
  4. Tap on Reset phone.

Then, select Erase all data options and confirm it by entering the phone password.

Once you enter the password, the phone will automatically start the reset process.

It will take some time to boot up the device completely, so have some patience.

Method 2: Factory Reset Using Recovery Menu

Firstly, shut down your phone by pressing the Power button.

  1. Press and hold the Power and Volume Down buttons.
  2. Release both the buttons once the android logo disappears.
  3. Choose the English option on the screen by using the Volume button and confirm it by pressing the Power button.
  4. From the “Recovery menu,” you should select the “Wipe Data and Cache” option.
  5. Now, you will see an option “Erase everything,” simply select it.
  6. Confirm the process and then wait till the process is going on.

Finally, tap on the Reboot option to boot up the device. That’s it.

9. Check Your Phone Battery

If resetting the phone to the factory state doesn’t work out, your phone battery might be the culprit. Sometimes, the phone isn’t turning on or showing a black screen due to faulty battery. Make sure to check whether your phone battery is working. In case the battery is damaged, reach out to a nearby service center to get it repaired.

10. Contact Customer Support

If nothing works out to solve the phone black screen issue, we suggest you contact the support team or visit a nearby service center. In case the problem could be related to hardware, you should consider visiting the service center to get it repaired. In addition, you can connect with the customer support team directly from the mail or via the official manufacturer site. They’ll help you in addressing the black screen problem on your smartphone.


This brings us to the guide on how to fix the android black screen issue. As the Android 14 is a newly released OS on devices, it is common to encounter such issues with its software and hardware. But it could be frustrating when you bought the device by expanding a huge revenue to get the best software experience, build quality, display quality, camera, and more. Luckily, there are several workarounds there to solve the black screen issue.

By following the solutions carefully on your phone, you’ll get back to solve the issue. In case the outlined solutions don’t work out, consider reaching out to a nearby service center for further assistance. We hope that guide was helpful to you. Let us know which one of the above workarounds helps you in fixing the black screen issue.

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